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Title Doc Type Presentation / Conference
Development of an underwater radiography system for the in-situ inspection of flexible risers

Author: P.I. Nicholson
Presentation & Paper 7th International QRM Conference, Quality Reliability and Maintenance, Swansea, Metropolitan University 19th April 2010

Proceedings: 7th International QRM Conference, Quality Reliability and Maintenance, Coxmoor Publishing Company, Oxford, 2010, p112-123, ISBN: 978-1-9-1892-34-5
Development of a novel underwater digital radiography inspection system (for flexible risers)

Author: P.I. Nicholson
Presentation Invited speaker to DeepStar 9304 Alternatives to In-Line Inspection Workshop,

September 29, 2009, ConocoPhillips Facility; 600 N. Dairy Ashford; Houston TX 77079
Development of an Underwater Radiography Inspection System for Inspection of Flexible Risers

Authors: P I Nicholson, E M Rasselkorde
Poster QNDE 2009, Review of progress in quantitative non destructive evaluation,

26-31 July 2009, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, US
FRC: A low-cost service robot for subsea flexible risers

Authors: Psarros, D., Papadimitriou, V., Chatzakos, P., Spais, V., Hrissagis, K.
Presentation / Paper ICAR 2009 The 14th International Conference on Advanced Robotics

22-26 June 2009, ICAR 2009 Proceedings, p1-6, ISBN: 978-1-4244-4855-5
Development of an unmanned underwater robotic crawler for operation on subsea flexible risers

Authors: D Psarros, P Chatzakos, V Papadimitriou, A Louridasa, D Korresb, V Spaisa, K Chryssagisb, P I Nicholson, N Avdelidis
Presentation / Paper SPIE: Defense, Security+Sensing, Unmanned Systems Technology XI,

April, 13th -17th l 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA,
Case Study 1 FlexiRiserTest - Perspective of an RTO/SME association participant

Author: A. Duncan
Presentation FP7UK - Framework Programme 7 Information Day Research for the benefit of SMEs, 2009/10,

26 March 2009, Sofitel Hotel, Westminster, London, UK, 26 March 2009,
Development of novel, underwater digital radiography inspection system

Authors: M. Hoekstra, P.I. Nicholson
Presentation Invited speaker to Materials, Joining and Integrity of Reeled Pipelines, Offshore Oil & gas Technical Group Meeting,

11th February 2009, Lloyds Register EMEA, Aberdeen, UK,